Over 15 Years to Build The Network

Over 15 Years to Build The Network

Over A Decade to Build The Network

After traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway three times, the Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park twice and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, I realized how many great adventures and things i experienced along the way.

Back 20 years ago I had an opportunity to visit and travel to Caribbean every two weeks directing and producing a travel hotel video channel run off of a computer DVD signal which showed up on channel 3 in each hotel room. In addition to hotel facts, island facts we produced over 100 commercials of things to see and do an the Island of St. Maarten. After this project ended my destiny led me to the mountains in 2007 where I started the same thing in the High Country of Boone North Carolina. The area reminded me of where I grew up in the Hudson Valley in Westchester county New York and where I spent my childhood summer in Damariscotta Maine.

This is about the time when you tube started and all video was going away from television to the internet. So I developed a way to broadcast via closed circuit cable channel within the hotel rooms and and figured out a way to stream the program online and put the videos on You Tube.

It has been 15 years now in the mountains of North Carolina and the technology has finally caught up with my dream turning things into a reality of creating a regional travel multimedia network of 20 plus websites and a Blue Ridge Television streamed program covering 400 cities and towns from Maryland to Georgia and all the adventures in between.

With 4 of the top 25 National Parks with in seven states in the mountains and over 20 millions visitors a year this is an exciting mountain range to explore and see new adventures.